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    First of all, I'd like to mention how impressed I was with the packaging! I received a box that contained padding to keep the Tabasco box from shaking around. Within the Tabasco box was the bubble-wrapped bottle of Tabasco sauce, packed so securely I actually had to pull it out with a bit of force. I was worried the bottle would come broken, to be honest, so this was a huge relief.

    Peter Pan, New York

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    I have been a longtime user and a huge fan of Tobasco sauce for at least the past 13 years. I cannot get enough of it, it is flavorful and spicy and makes everything taste excellent. I use it for cooking and as a general condiment, it's also a perfect salt substitute because this adds a punch without as much sodium as table salt.

    John Doe, Miami

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    Hey, it's a matter of your taste, but I use this product a lot. It can be hot to taste, if you over apply it, but the taste of Tabasco beats out many of the same category. For me, it does not burn your mouth or give you a lingering burning sensation.

    John Smith, San Fransisco


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